Our know-how as niche wine market developers...

Driven by our passion for wine and its diversity, we are building a dynamic wine scene in Colombia.

We have gathered experience importing and developing a market for wines of underrepresented origins, such as Austria, Italy, and Germany. Moreover, these wines come from organic and biodynamic farming and arise from unconventional winemaking approaches, such as skin-contact fermentation. A considerable fraction of Colombian wine consumers are not familiar with these exciting wines and are very likely to fall in love with them.

Along with like-minded colleagues and friends, who import similar wines from small producers in France and other origins in central-east Europe, we have decided to offer our joint knowledge and experience.

Our expertise is an asset! We are confident we can help individual niche wineries, or their associations, in Austria, France, Germany, and Italy to gauge and approach the Colombian wine market and to find the best ways to enter and succeed in this market.

In Colombia, organic and biodynamic wines are a rarity, and their market development entails multiple challenges.

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Our services

Wine market analysis
Market prospection
Market entry strategic planning

Get in touch to get to know more about our consulting services and feel free to share your thoughts and your passion for wine!

Our success comes from our understanding of the target (Colombian) market, our close relationship with the places where our products come from, and our skill to engage clients and stakeholders, executing plans and achieving envisioned outcomes.


Fabien Molaro

Attorney, EU wine law specialist
Université de Marseille, France
CEO at La Ruta del Vino, Colombia.

Fabien counts with 8-year experience as a legal advisor for the wine industry in
Var - Vaucluse, Southern France.

In 2015, commenced his own wine business in Colombia, specializing in French wine import.
Fabien continues growing his business and has gained knowledge of the wine market in Colombia. He interacts successfully with key stakeholders in Colombia and abroad.

Fabian is a native French speaker and is fluent in Spanish and Italian.

Ricardo Wilches

Ph.D. Genetics
Universität München, Germany
Cofounder of Vinicultura, Colombia

With a solid academic background, Ricardo followed his passion for wine.
In 2017, Ricardo became a wine importer and wine market developer in Colombia.

Ricardo has grown his management skills and understands the wine market in Colombia. He develops and executes all market entry strategies for his company. Ricardo communicates with government agencies and other stakeholders in Colombia and abroad.

Ricardo is fluent in Spanish, English, and German.

Get in touch to get to know more about our consulting services and feel free to share your thoughts and your passion for wine!